LHI School

Lhi is a very remote village situated in the Nubri valley of north-western Nepal, which is located in the historic Ghorka district and has Mount Manaslu in its backyard.

There are no roads into the village, just rugged mountains tracks along the Buri Gandaki River. The nearest major town is a 6-day walk. To get to the city of Kathmandu, travelers must then take a further 10-hour bus trip.

A small school was established in the Lhi village to provide early education to village children, however with the government teachers never showing up and no strategic program, there were no enrollments in the school.

Hope Alliance took over the running of the school in 2012 and established a lunch program and employed private teachers in the school, which has seen enrollments grow and foster greater community support. Due to the success of our programs, British charity Community Action Nepal partnered with us to extend the school.

The school is supported through our monthly sponsorship program.